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Firefly Business Group recognizes the fact that small and medium sized businesses frequently face enterprise level challenges with inventory, order management, manufacturing, accounting, and other vital functions. Many attempt to wrestle with those challenges using software that simply isn’t up to the task.

Partners Sheryl Dodge and Michelle Barr recognized the gap in technology services for small businesses, and co-founded Firefly Business Group in 2010. They assembled an expert staff of highly trained professionals to provide configured, individualized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to small and medium sized business owners.

Customer service is an integral element to the company’s mission. Our hands-on approach typically includes matching each client with multiple members of our highly skilled expert staff to analyze their inventory, manufacturing, accounting, or order management challenges and devise solutions.

Working with programs like Macola, Acctivate, and KnowledgeSync, Firefly helps small business owners whose companies have grown beyond the limits of their present software programs. Collaborating with our clients, Firefly creates custom-tailored ERP software solutions that fulfill the present needs of small business owners. And unlike out of the box standard software functionality, Firefly’s custom tailored solutions within their software packages are designed to be scalable, to keep pace with a company’s growing client base and changing company goals.

But Firefly doesn’t stop there. Along with obtaining enterprise-grade software solutions, clients receive implementation,  training and support throughout the life of the software.

Best of all, these services are priced to be affordable for small and medium sized businesses. And the enhanced efficiency of these custom software solutions translates into significant ongoing savings for many clients.

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