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KnowledgeSync acts as a right hand for every feature of your company’s operations.

Even the best run businesses sometimes commit errors. Even when you do everything right, your company can still be the victim of bad market circumstances. By adding KnowledgeSync to Acctivate, your company will be ready to face such challenges head on.

A Life Jacket for Your Business

In too many cases, by the time a critical error in your company’s operations becomes known, significant damage has already been done. KnowledgeSync acts as a right hand for every feature of your company’s operations. By identifying and providing immediate alerts to overlooked components or potential problems in any of your company’s functions, you can act proactively to prevent problems, rather than being blindsided and forced to react.

Alert Management 

KnowledgeSync’s customized monitoring system can be configured to provide alerts for a range of potential issues, including out-of-range sales margins, overdue invoices or low sales.  Whatever keeps you awake at night concerning your company can be targeted by an alert. You can also configure alerts to help maintain optimal inventory levels and audit staff transactions. Alert subjects, frequency, and audience are all under your control.

File Upload

Manual data input and file transfers are tedious and prone to errors. KnowledgeSync takes over your file uploads – with available automatic file transfers to any external source of your choosing, including your company’s website, a customer, or a vendor. You’ll save time and money by eliminating the need to maintain multiple databases or send individual files electronically.

Automated Reports 

KnowledgeSync can generate reports from your company’s database or spreadsheets, including customer invoices and sales reports. The program and its automated functions integrate seamlessly with Acctivate. You’ll receive immediate notification of late customer payments, over limit transactions, late shipments, and other potential headaches.

At Firefly, we have extensive experience with crafting customized software solutions with KnowledgeSync, Acctivate, and other enterprise-grade software programs. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you and your company!