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Small and medium sized businesses often operate on tight budgets. As a result, small business owners seek out savings wherever they can find them. However, one area where being penny wise can be pound foolish is skimping on business software. Many small businesses could actually benefit from Enterprise Resource Planning software, but don’t consider it because of concerns about cost. Firefly Business Group puts enterprise-grade software solutions within financial reach of small and medium-sized business owners.

Firefly’s Approach to Software Consulting

Firefly takes a hands-on approach to software consulting. Multiple members of Firefly’s experienced staff work with each client to analyze their software challenges and craft solutions. Whether the need involves inventory management, manufacturing, or general accounting, Firefly has the personnel and software available to meet any challenge. Firefly also provides extensive training to ensure that clients are able to operate and maintain their software packages, along with support and troubleshooting in case operations hit a snag. 

Benefits of Business Software 

Many small businesses rely on prepackaged software programs like QuickBooks for their basic accounting needs. That’s understandable: QuickBooks is an excellent program, especially for businesses that are just getting established. But a growing business frequently has needs that stretch the capabilities of prepackaged software.

At Firefly, our consultants collaborate closely with clients to determine their most pressing challenges. We then recommend business software solutions that can best be configured to each client’s particular specifications. Our professionals use their expertise to create tailored software strategies that meet our clients’ present needs, while being scalable to grow along with our clients’ businesses. Best of all, the costs of the solutions we offer are well within reach of many small and medium sized business owners.

Implementing Custom Business Software Solutions 

The experts at Firefly have accumulated years of experience working with different businesses across the country. We’ve helped our clients implement business solutions to solve inventory problems, deal with order management, streamline distribution and manufacturing operations, and get a handle on general accounting. We can do the same for your small business. Give us a call and discover the advantages of enterprise-grade software solutions for your company.

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