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Gold-certified partner

Top-rated in usability and customer satisfaction, Acumatica cloud ERP is the perfect solution to transform your company into a modern digital business.

Inventory Management Software

Firefly is a premier Acctivate partner for assisting with re-deployments, training, custom reports & utilities, KnowledgeSync, and other custom projects.

Food Manufacturing ERP

The only solution for small and medium-sized specialty food processing companies, built specifically to work on the Acumatica platform.

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“Firefly Business Group initially took time to fully understand our unique business and needs, and because of this, they remain a significant contributor to our management decisions years after our initial project with them. They continue to turn “what seems impossible” requests into reality within the requested time period. This helps us to continually improve our daily operational efficiency and provides us with critical information to make better business decisions …”


PG Professional Golf

“As a small business owner, I want a support team that knows how I think, knows what I like, and can turn projects around quickly. Firefly Business Group keeps our company running on the turn of a dime.”


Aiden Gray

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