What Our Customers Are Saying & What We Are Doing to Impact Their Business

Controller, PG Professional Golf

"Firefly Business Group initially took time to fully understand our unique business and needs, and because of this, they remain a significant contributor to our management decisions years after our initial project with them. They continue to turn “what seems impossible” requests into reality within the requested time period. This helps us to continually improve our daily operational efficiency and provides us with critical information to make better business decisions. We continue to include Firefly in all of our data related projects that require creative solutions and advanced database knowledge."

Owner, Aidan Gray

"As a small business owner, I want a support team that knows how I think, knows what I like, and can turn projects around quickly. Firefly Business Group keeps our company running on the turn of a dime."

Controller, Durmat, Inc. dba Durum USA

"When our company purchased Acctivate software to meet our expanding inventory needs, we were faced with the task of teaching our employees how to use it. There never seemed to be enough time during the work day for our employees to learn the software using the online tutorials. We needed some on-site training and for that I called Firefly Business Group. Their team learned what our business was all about and provided real life examples of how transactions should be processed. Having their resources available to us has made the implementation of the Acctivate software a great success for our company. Thanks Firefly."

Optimum Card Solutions, LLC

"The team at Firefly Business Group has been key to adapting the Acctivate software to our unique business model. In our business, we process orders that essentially turn into custom printing jobs. Each order will have multiple components and detailed specific information that is used internally to identify work instructions for different jobs required to complete the order.

Firefly used Crystal Reports to allow the information entered at Sales Order entry to be aggregated for the customer as an order acknowledgement, and simultaneously it compiled details into a complex set of work instructions for the shop floor. Custom tables were created to house information external to Acctivate. This information was accessed when triggered by custom fields setup within Acctivate. In this solution, custom work instructions could be generated for each client’s order type.

The efforts provided by Firefly eliminated the redundancy of re-keying information into numerous documents, minimizing the opportunities for user errors. Firefly has been a great partner to help us continue to improve our operations!"

Annex Manufacturing Inc.

"We used Firefly Business Group to help us refine our inventory count process which included the improvement of custom inventory reports. The use of these reports cut our inventory count time and cost 50% and saved several trees by reducing the need to reprint the entire inventory variance report to find discrepancies. The reports allowed us to be proactive and hone in on variances that were out of range by a certain percentage or dollar value before sending our team back out to verify specific concerns.

We have also utilized Firefly to assist us with researching and refining our processes in our accounting and customer service teams. Their knowledge and efforts have had a very large impact on our company, and the money spent to utilize their services has always provided significant ROI through both direct cost savings and efficiency increases."

Joe Fly Company, Inc.

"A large part of our business is to provide a repeat service of installing filters for our customers. We have MANY different repeat service options including weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. Each customer’s repeat service date can schedule on a different day each month and have a different interval based on when they started. To manage this we had many spreadsheets, folders and files that would require manual manipulation each month. Over several days we were required to copy each of the several hundred customers’ service order templates and schedule the new service ticket as a new sales order."

Firefly Business Group came into our business and gained a detailed understanding of our business model and processes, and developed a system using custom fields, tables and reports to automate this process. These changes turned what was once a painstaking multi-day manual task into a largely automated process completed in less than an hour for 7 locations of our company. Using Acctivate software since 2003, and having Firefly provide ongoing support to help make us more efficient in our operations has proven to be a great combination of product and service."